Our approach

Our consulting approach

From short projects to measure specific activities, to the full integration of analytics-based KPI into your IT systems. We provide solutions based on a detailed understanding of your business situation. Learn more about our consulting approach below.

Data Opportunity Assessment

An important aspect of Big Data is bringing multiple data sources together to build new products and services or to improve the efficiency of processes. Many companies today are as yet unclear what data they have and how to use them effectively.

Our Data Opportunity Assessment is an efficient way to get started on the Big Data journey. Systematically going through an assessment of data sources and marketing opportunities, and testing against benchmarks of existing solutions gives you a qualified list of top opportunities to work on.

Kick-off Workshop

  • Setting the scene with relevant case studies
  • Review and prioritisation of the Data and Opportunity checklists and discussion guides
  • Review of opportunities already under discussion and brainstorm to complete the lists

Interviews and data collection

  • Discussion and evaluation of opportunities and data with internal business and IT experts
  • Review of the data sources and collection of samples from relevant data

Analysis phase

  • Synthesis of evaluations of data and opportunities from interviews
  • Analysis of relevant data sets
  • Sketch of implementation steps needed and estimated impact for top opportunities


  • Presentation of findings from the interview and analysis phase
  • Discussion of top list of opportunities
  • Final validation of relevance, resources needed and impact

Start quickly, then scale up and automate

Start with an assessment of analytics opportunities. Capture the most interesting opportunities through an ad hoc analytics project right away. Scale up if the solution fits your needs and should be integrated into your regular workflows.

Assess Opportunity

  • Expert workshops and interviews
  • Initial data analysis
  • Efficiency and focus through checklist system

Capture Opportunity

  • Data collection, analysis and creation of customized statistical– or machine learning model
  • Discussion workshops and business recommendations

Keep Opportunity

  • Simulation– and optimisation tools directly usable by teams
  • Proof of concept for automation. Documentation of steps for data loading, preparation and integration

Scale Opportunity

  • Continued support in cooperation with IT department
  • Full documentation of all algorithms used
  • Development of needed components


Reasons to choose Quantitative Consulting

If you want the analytics to fit your business instead of the other way round, Quantitative Consulting the right consultancy for you.


We understand your business. Translating business problems into procedures and algorithms and then translating back into a relevant recommendation is what we do.


Building on 15 years of experience and a corresponding large repository of analytics components, we are able to kick-start our projects and quickly develop a solution sketch. This is then discussed in detail and worked out according to your priorities.

IT mindset

We understand IT. Starting with the procurement of the first test data to planning and supporting the integration of an automated solution into your IT landscape, we understand the restrictions and priorities of IT operations. We work together with your IT teams to find the best solution.


We believe in an open culture. We explain what we do and why and what the alternatives are. If a solution works for you, we support you in deploying it in your company with appropriate documentation and training of the teams.

A powerful Data Science toolset

We put a powerful open source stack at your disposal. Open source means for you that tens of thousands of developers and scientists have tested and optimised these solutions. Of course, we are also fully equipped to interface with the tools you have, or to scale out to the cloud whenever necessary.

Professional experience

Rely on a PhD in Mathematics to break down any problem into its simple components. Rely on 8 years of analytical consulting background for a full understanding of your your business and for adequate communication at all levels. Rely on another 8 years of experience leading several analytics and business intelligence teams for keeping the overview even in large analytics implementation programs.


PhD in Mathematics from Bonn University

2001 – 2005

Consultant and project manager at Simon-Kucher & Partners

2006 – 2008

Freelance Consultant, Quantitative Consulting

2009 – 2016

Head of Analytics, Technology and Data Science / Quality assurance at IRI Germany


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